Surprise! Hillary Clinton wrote Adoring Fan Letters to Saul Alinsky

It’s not just our Community Organizer in Chief that has a major crush on the socialist radical visionary and author of Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky… Hillary Clinton was a big fan as well.

In 1968 Hillary Clinton was a student at Wellesley College and completing her college thesis when she met with Alinsky whose ideas were the subject of her thesis. Their relationship would continue as she furthered her education at Yale Law School in 1969 and then as an intern working at a famously liberal law firm in Berkley, California in 1971. Alinsky would die in 1972 at the age of 63… an apparent friend and mentor of a young Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained Clinton’s private correspondence with the socialist patron saint and has published them in their entirety for the world to see. (See the 1971 letters between Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky here.)

The Free Beacon writes:

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A self-proclaimed radical, Alinsky advocated guerilla tactics and civil disobedience to correct what he saw as an institutionalized power gap in poor communities. His philosophy divided the world into “haves”—middle class and wealthy people —and “have nots”—the poor. He took an ends-justify-the-means approach to power and wealth redistribution, and developed the theoretical basis of “community organizing.”

hillary alinsky“The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power,” wrote Alinsky in his 1971 book. “Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.”

Clinton’s connection to Alinsky has been the subject of speculation for decades. It became controversial when Wellsley College, by request of the Clinton White House, sealed her 1968 thesis from the public for years. Conservative lawyer Barbara Olson said Clinton had asked for the thesis to be sealed because it showed “the extent to which she internalized and assimilated the beliefs and methods of Saul Alinsky.” Clinton opponent turned Clinton defender David Brock referred to her as “Alinsky’s daughter” in 1996′s The Seduction of Hillary Rodham.

The paper was opened to the public in 2001. While the thesis is largely sympathetic to Alinsky, it is also critical of some of his tactics.

The letters show a comfortable and friendly relationship between the two beloved leftists. While Clinton may try to separate herself from Alinsky’s legacy, it is more than obvious that the two liberals shared a special connection and that Alinsky saw a bit of a protégé in the now powerful Democrat leader.

Will the recently unmasked openness of their friendship matter at all to the voters in 2016? Who knows? But if President Obama is any indication, voters (or the media) just don’t care about the radical connections that many leftist Democrats seem to have.

The Hillary Letters

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