Supporters of New EPA Regulations Don’t Care About the People the Regulations Affect

We’re probably not the first to say this, but we are big fans of the great Dan Joseph over at MRC TV. He has done great work bringing to light the absolute foolishness of liberal policies and the people who support them.

Joseph’s most recent piece has to do with new regulations being brought by President Obama’s EPA. Just last week, a group of liberal EPA supporters gathered to cheer the new regulations and the impact they will supposedly have on our environment. The regulations are supposed to curb the always-dreaded carbon emissions that are purportedly pushing our planet’s climates ever warmer. (At least that’s the story, right?)

Sadly, these new EPA regulations will not only have an impact on the environment but they will also have a tremendous impact on our economy.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates the regulations could put 224,000 Americans out of work annually and increase electricity costs by more than $289 billion.

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Even the EPA itself estimates that the new regulations will cause electricity prices to increase dramatically over the next 6 years.

Hey, but who cares about people losing their jobs and their money, amiright?

Here’s Dan Joseph making fools look foolish and bringing knowledge to the ignorant.



See, the dirty little secret about being a liberal is that you don’t really care about who your policies negatively effect – because it’s hardly ever you!

Think about it… liberals loved Obamacare until they found out that they were the ones who’d have to pay for it.

The entire liberal governing philosophy is filled with hypocrisy, double-talk, exaggeration, and outright lies. This little EPA rally is just another example of the inanity of being a “liberal” in modern day America.

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