Support the Upcoming March for Marriage

On April 25, 2015 there will be a March for Marriage. The website is developing and so far says this:

“The March for Marriage is set for Saturday, April 25th, which is within days of when the Supreme Court is expected to hear oral arguments on the cases before them that will decide the legal status of marriage. Check back soon to stay connected and informed about the 2015 March for Marriage. Stay tuned for more.”

Oh, the absurdity that we must defend what marriage truly means! Yet another created distraction from the real problems facing the sovereignty of the United States. Marriage between a man and a woman was not developed, invented or construed by man, but by God Almighty. By the way, if you don’t believe in God you will probably want to stop here. Anyhow, it is not lawful for the      United States government to change the meaning of marriage. Besides, why is keeping morality intact a debatable issue in the first place? A lack of faith in God is destroying our country, and gay marriage is just another fabricated issue pitting society against one another, an evil plot to weaken our resolve.

march for marriageThe issue of gay relationships and gay marriage is causing great division among families, friends, co-workers, and last but not least, the church. The strength of the family unit is an essential foundation to maintaining freedom.   The breakdown of the American family comes in the forms of broken homes, children without fathers, drug and alcohol abuse, pornography, abortion and now of course the popularity of same sex marriages. Same sex marriages are unable to produce offspring, which should be enough proof that there is nothing normal about it, so what is really to debate? Sexual perversion is now considered perfectly normal and acceptable, while a belief in God, sanctity of life, and marriage between a man and woman is not.

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When marriages are strong and children are being brought up in tight knit families, especially those that are Christian, it is more difficult to pervert their young formidable minds. Perversion of the minds of children are an instrument used to cause division in families. A man has God given physical and mental differences than his wife and thus the roles of each are defined within their marriage and raising of their children. These differences are crucial to a balanced view of men and women and their relationships and creates a bond that makes instilled family morals more difficult to breach. This presents a big problem to breaking down the family, but leave it up to evil ideology to overcome this obstacle with issues of our day like gay marriage, Common Core education and vices like those mentioned earlier.

The perceived right to an immoral life style is intended to falsify the truth. Those who dare to speak out against immorality are unfairly called Bible thumpers, right wingers, bigots’, blah, blah, blah but that just proves the point that evil has twisted the truth and lack of belief in God has many faithful to the lies of the Devil instead.

Take a stand for the American family and the moral fabric of our nation. Consider supporting the March for Marriage however you can to help preserve our God given freedoms!

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