Support Dan Fisher for Governor of Oklahoma

Pastor Dan Fisher is running for the Republican nomination to be his party’s candidate for Governor and he faces an uphill battle.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Governor’s race in Oklahoma may not seem like the most important race of the coming election, but I assure you… it is.

Pastor Dan Fisher is running for the Republican nomination to be his party’s candidate for Governor and he faces an uphill battle.

In Oklahoma the real battle to win state office happens during the primary, as the state is overwhelmingly Republican and the Democrat Party apparatus in the state is on life support.

However, the GOP leaders in the state want nothing to do with Fisher for one reason in particular… he is an abortion abolitionist.

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Fisher argues that the pro-life movement, with all its good intentions, has actually prolonged the battle against abortion in America. If we’d been more committed to ending the atrocity, the fight could have been over many years, and millions of lives sooner, but our embrace of “incrementalism” on this issue has led to more death and destruction.

Fisher on making Oklahoma an “Abortion Free” state

Thankfully, Fisher is not your “normal” lifelong politician. He’s only running to fight for the values that he truly believes in. (Also, he has a great sense of humor.)

Abortion-Free State Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma

How Dan Fisher plans to assert state sovereignty and ban abortion in Oklahoma.

Pastor Matt Trewhella explains the “Doctrines of the Lesser Magistrates” and how our elected officials have failed us.

Rusty Thomas explains the “Doctrines of Blood Guiltiness” and why Oklahoma should support Dan Fisher for Governor.

My dear Oklahoma voters, you have a tremendous opportunity in this coming election…

You have the opportunity to elect a candidate who will fight tooth and nail to end abortion in Oklahoma, no matter the personal cost to himself. If it means he won’t get reelected, fine. If it means that the national media will torment him, fine. If it means that America mocks and derides him, bring it on.

Pastor Dan Fisher is the man for the job, and he will defend the lives of the innocent and helpless. All we have to do is get him elected.

You can learn more about his candidacy for Governor at his website, please lend Fisher your support. While not everyone can give monetarily, all can give something of their time, talent, or resources.

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