SunTrust Bank’s Support of Gay Fascism should Cost them Customers

In an earlier article I reported that SunTrust Banks, along with other business interests in Georgia, are supporting something called “Georgia Prospers.”

“Google, banking giant SunTrust and AT&T joined stalwarts including Delta Air Lines, Home Depot and UPS among nearly 100 businesses and universities that have signed on to the effort so far, which they have jointly dubbed ‘Georgia Prospers.’” (H/T: Portland Press Herald)

Georgia Prospers is a pro-homosexual/anti-religious freedom drive to force the gay agenda on businesses.

Many businesses have moral clauses in their hiring policies. If one of my employees committed adultery, I should be free to fire that person because of his or her behavior.

The same should be true if someone engaged in child pornography, bigamy, pedophilia, theft, spousal abuse, homosexuality, or consorted with prostitutes, etc. I have no authority to stop them from engaging in these practices, but I should have the authority to keep them from working for me and representing my companies.

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Not only do I think same-sex sexuality is immoral, but I also believe it is irrational. Such behavior (as well as the others listed) tells me something about a person’s character and thinking processes.

It’s not my business if a business like SunTrust holds personal opinions about same-sex sexuality. It’s another thing, however, if SunTrust endorses such behavior and uses my money to advance such behavior.

As a result of SunTrust’s support of the same-sexuality agenda and refusing to support religious freedom (actually anyone’s freedom to hire and fire), my wife and I decided to withdraw all of our money from the bank. It’s not an unsubstantial amount, but it’s not enough to break their banking business.

When we went to SunTrust to begin the process, the very nice employee wanted to know why we were withdrawing our money. I explained to her using “low tones” what SunTrust was doing and gave her information about the Georgia Prospers initiative.

She then went to the bank manager who also was very nice. We had a delightful conversation about business, model trains, and Ireland. She and her husband were from Ireland.

I explained to her why we were closing our accounts.

Neither one of them had any idea what SunTrust was doing on this issue. It’s not that it’s a secret. An article was published in a Portland Maine news paper.

The article also appeared in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution and the Tribune News Service.

As far as I can tell, SunTrust did not send a notice out to its employees or its customers announcing that it would oppose religious rights and support same-sex rights.

Is it a hassle to change banks? Yes, it is. But I needed to do something no matter how small the effort was. If you are a SunTrust customer, you may want to consider changing banks.

Bank America and Wells Fargo are big gay rights supporters.

I’m not making a public announcement about which bank I chose. I don’t want the homosexual lobby to harass the institution.

With so much of banking going electronic, you don’t need to use a bank in your own state. We rarely use paper checks. Almost all of our banking is done online.

The time is long past due to take a stand. A single rain drop does little, but with enough of them over time you can create a flood. The homosexual lobby learned this a long time ago.

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