Sunday Media Destroy the Clinton Campaign

Wow. This was not a good weekend for the Hillary Clinton campaign. First, on Saturday she “re-launched” her campaign in New York – but it was yet another flop. Then, on Sunday, it seemed that across the media spectrum everyone had noticed how terrible her re-launch really was.

On CNN famed Watergate reporter Bob Woodward said the Clinton motto was to “Fake it til you make it,” but that Hillary “can’t fake” her way into the Presidency! Ouch.


IF you distill what people are looking for now in a president, it is somebody who can govern and who thinks about them, and Hillary Clinton made a credible case for that, but they want somebody who is a truth teller. And they have got some distance to cover on that. I did books and involved her, one of her little mottos, her personal motto was, ‘fake it until you make it,’ and that’s clever, but you can’t fake your way into the presidency.

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Also on CNN, the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza was dumbstruck by the fact that Clinton seemed to completely avoid mentioning anything of substance or anything specific when it came to her response to current foreign affairs. (Especially for a former Secretary of State.)


“This was a speech with a lot of domestic policy, as you point out, wrapped around what to do with the middle classes, what to do with wages. But almost nothing specific about foreign policy, which is surprising for a former Secretary of State. I think there will be some pressure — maybe not from voters, there is really not a clamoring for talk about foreign policy right now, but certainly from the press. But there are big issues on foreign policy that she needs to clarify… What to do about these free trade agreements, what to do about Iran, the Keystone pipeline, these big issues that she needs to explain her position.”



On Fox News Sunday, USA Today Columnist Susan Page called Clinton “aloof, powerful and disconnected from people.”


It’s really not fair to call this a launch. She announced her campaign formally weeks ago, and in fact, we’ve known she’s been running for months and months. So — but this is kind of phase two. I think they were concerned about having a big regal rally to start things, because one of her problems is that she seems kind of aloof and powerful and disconnected from people.



Yikes. I hate to think what people who don’t like Hillary thought about her re-launch.

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