Suicide by Cop? GA Trans Student Ignores Several Warnings to Drop Weapon While Advancing Officers, Killed

A Georgia Tech student was shot and killed by Atlanta police after ignoring several warnings in which the officers plead with him to drop his weapon. He did not drop the weapon and continued walking towards the police.

Judging by the facts presented and the videos, it appears as if the student was attempting to commit suicide via the cops. If that was his purpose, he succeeded. However, he left a massive mess behind.

Scout Schultz, the 21-year-old student, was also the president of the campus Pride Alliance. He did not “identify” as a male, but rather used other pronouns because he felt as though he was “gender fluid.”

Which leads me back to the “suicide by cop” theory. He literally told the officers, “Shoot me!” Could this not further show that transgenderism is a mental disorder and that these people need psychological help?

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reports:

The Georgia Tech community was notified Sunday morning of the tragic death of Scout Schultz, fourth year computer engineering student from Lilburn, Georgia. Schultz died on Sunday, Sept. 17 as a result of an incident in the West Campus residential community. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident and reviewing the circumstances surrounding the death.

On Saturday night, around 11:17 p.m., a call came into the Georgia Tech PD claiming that there was “a person with a knife and a gun.” Officers found Schultz, who allegedly did have a knife, and “would not comply with the officers’ commands.”

“Schultz continued to advance on the officers with the knife,” the statement read. An officer then fired, according to the statement.

The student died at Grady Memorial Hospital. “The GBI Medical Examiner’s Office in Decatur will conduct the autopsy,” the statement read.

The GBI said that the outcome of its independent investigation will be reviewed by the district attorney’s office. The agency told BuzzFeed News that it has no further information at this time.

“Come on, man, drop the knife,” one officer orders at the beginning of the first video that appears to show the shooting. “Come on, let’s drop it,” another officer echoes.

“Shoot me!” someone who appears to be Schultz responds. The officers continue to order the student to drop the knife. “Nobody wants to hurt you, man,” an officer says. Near the end of the footage, an officer again demands: “Drop it!” apparently at the same time as a shot is fired at Schultz.

The school’s Progressive Student Alliance posted a tribute on Facebook stating:

“We are distraught over the loss of Scout Schultz. They were an incredible, inspirational member of our community and a constant fighter for human rights. Please join us in celebrating and honoring their life and the contributions they made to campus and the greater Atlanta community.

Starting at 4pm today we will begin to place flowers and memorabilia on 8th street in front of West Village.

Monday evening, there will be a vigil at 8 pm at the Georgia Tech Campanile.

We love Scout deeply, and we hope you will join us, along with Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech, to share memories of their beautiful life.

**Please remember: Scout uses They/Them pronouns.”

Once again, we see the mental disorder, as they demand people to use incorrect pronouns.

Here is the video:

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