STUPID: NY School for Performing Arts No Longer Requires Students to be Able to Perform Anything

Administrators at a Brolyn arts school are dropping requirements for students to be able to perform anything in order to make the school “inclusive.”

PCism destroys another institution: Are you a no talent hack who thinks he sings good in the shower? Great, you are in as far as a Brooklyn performing arts school is concerned because administrators are dropping any requirements to be able to perform anything to be accepted in order to make the school “inclusive.”

That’s right, even if you sing like Alfalfa from Our Gang, even if you wouldn’t know a violin from a Volvo, even if you couldn’t tell a clef note from a cleft pallet, even if you wouldn’t know a pirouette from a piroshki, as far as the New Voices School of Academic & Creative Arts in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is concerned, you somehow deserve to be in a school about the performing arts whether you have even the tiniest spark of talent or not.

Because “incluuuuusion,” dontcha know.

The “administrators” of this school recently decided that new students will be accepted to the academy solely via a lottery drawing, by pulling their names out of a hat.

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Because “incluuuuusion,” dontcha know.

Why is this change being made? Well, not just inclusion, but also “raaaacism.” The school’s “administrators” decided that requiring kids to audition in their chosen art was raaaaacist because it kept minorities out of the school.

Because “raaaacism,” dontcha know.

According to the New York Post:

A Department of Education spokesman said the process will allow all kids an opportunity without the pressure of auditioning at such a young age.

The department says audition-based admissions were blocking underprivileged kids from getting in.

With an enrollment of roughly 600 kids, New Voices is 52 percent white, 33 percent Hispanic, 7 percent black and 5 percent Asian, according to DOE figures.

The new system will now reserve 52 percent of the school’s seats for kids who come from low-income families, are homeless or are English-language learners.

Sure. Great. Wonderful. A bunch of kids going to a school for the arts whether they have any actual talent or not.

What a joke.

But this is where America is headed. Right down the drain where every single area of life is dumbed down to the least able, least talented, least intelligent person. Liberals claim that America was never great — clearly a false statement. But, they are making 100 percent sure America can never be great again. Indeed, they despise excellence and greatness.

Hey, Alfalfa, welcome to the New Voices School of Academic & Creative Arts in Sunset Park, Brooklyn…

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