Stunning Results of New Poll Shows what Democrats Really Think of Socialism and Capitalism!



If the latest poll from Politico is to be believed, then our nation has some rough waters ahead. The folks at Politico recently commissioned a series of polls conducted by the American Action Network, which showed that the majority of Democrats believed that socialism had a positive impact on society! Even worse was the news that a larger plurality of Democrats agreed with the basic tenets of socialism than agreed with capitalism!

Democratic voters in every age group, every gender, and every race view socialism favorably…

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The two competing economic theories were described to respondents by the pollster. Socialism was defined as a system for those who believe “corporations have too much control and that the capitalist system is set up to favor the rich and powerful,” and that “the only way to police corporations and protect the citizens is for the government to take a larger role in managing the economy to make sure that every individual has equal access to basic necessities and public goods, even if that means that some people have to transfer their wealth to others.”

socialism_destroysFree market capitalism, meanwhile, was described as the world-view for those who “say that it’s not the government’s job to pick winners and losers and that government intervention only leads to inefficiency. They say that capitalism produces the greatest amount of personal and economic freedom for every individual and [it] ultimately results in the best economic outcome for society, even if some people are left behind because they can’t compete.”

After hearing those descriptions, 40 percent of the overall primary voters said they preferred the former, compared to 25 percent who picked the latter.

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Some other interesting takeaways from the polling:

56% of Democrat primary voters agreed that the Federal government is better equipped to run, regulate and innovate the economy. 52% agreed that in some cases the government should take control of certain industries (airlines and healthcare as the example) because they believe the government can better manage those industries! 67% of Democrats believe that corporate owned media entities should have to prove that they are not biased before covering the content of certain political rallies.
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In all, the polling proves that the modern Democrat Party has become the party of soft-fascism. The liberal masses are telling others how they should think, how they should speak and how they should behave, and they want to use the force of government to bend everyone to their will. The polling also shows us that Democrats believe ridiculous things – like the idea that the government can be more efficient than the private sector. Apparently they’ve learned nothing from the USPS, or the DMV, or Amtrak, or even the VA. The idea that the government can do anything efficiently is simply preposterous, because they’ve never done anything efficiently… ever.

Folks, if we allow liberals to win in 2016, we will continue to be forced to partake in their bizarre world political experiment with socialism. Let’s not give them the opportunity. Let’s take our nation back.

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