Students Push to Ban American Flags – How did we let this become a Thing?

An American Flag, hung in an American university makes students feel “unsafe” because it’s a symbol of hate and evil?!?!? We’re so screwed!

UC Irvine student government leader Matthew Guevara took matters into his own hands and rounded up enough signatures on a resolution to ban the American Flag from a student lounge on campus. Fortunately, better sense prevailed and the resolution (though passed) was overturned.

If that flag makes them feel “unsafe,” how do they feel walking down the street?! How are they even able to live in such a hostile country? Maybe they’d like to move someone else? Say… the Gaza strip? Jordan? Syria? Iraq? Maybe Russia sounds more inviting? Or Mexico? I’m sure the Cartels will make them feel safer.

What kind of spineless individuals are we raising up if an inanimate object like a “flag” makes them feel unsafe in the freest country in the world?

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These kids do not seem to understand that being in the shadow of that flag actually provides them the protections and securities that they have every day in America. Where they are safe to walk down the streets without being gunned down. Where there are no missiles flying overhead (like in Israel). And no one is being beheaded or thrown from buildings for speaking against the government or leadership.

flagsGuevara’s parents immigrated from Mexico. If it was so oppressive here, why would they do that? Oh, and this oppressive, evil country… it’s paying for Guevara’s college education… why? Because it’s so evil?!?! Here’s an excerpt from Ami Horowitz’s interview of Guevara:

H: Good for you. Are you taking any kind of federal aid, or federal assistance, scholarship or anything like that?

G: Ya, I got financial aid.

H: Why not say no to essentially American blood money?

G: I don’t really agree with it, but it’s kind of using the tools of the system to bring down the system, or create change later on.

Logic is no longer a prerequisite for college admittance. Or maybe it is and there’s just some serious brainwashing going on.

You can read more about this story here, along with a transcript of the video where political satirist Ami Horowitz interviews Guevara. It’s shocking…


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