Student BLASTED for Wearing Trump Hat: “It’s Hate Language on Campus!” [VIDEO]

Trump supporters not only come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, they come from all around, even outside the United States.

At Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta – that’s in Canada for those of our readers who are Gary Johnson supporters…(just kidding!) – student Matt Linder was wearing a red Trump hat with the campaign’s slogan “Make America Great Again” on the front. Even though they’re Canadian, he and his friend both happen to be very interested in American politics, and are both supporters of Donald Trump.

But other students felt their safe space severely violated by this red hat, with one Zoe Slusar demanding that he remove it, because “it’s hate language on campus.” Heat Street reported on the incident:

“You’re not allowed to share hate language at a University,” Slusar shouted at Linder. “Make America Great Again means Make America all for white people, no immigrants, no people of different sexual orientations.

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“You’ve got to take the hat off or I am going to write the president of the University,” she continues. “It’s not allowed. It’s hate language on campus.”


The video ends when another man (presumably a student) snatches the hat from Linder’s head and absconds with it.

Slusar left this description on her Facebook page, but it has since been deleted:

Today I got into an altercation with a guy wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. I went up and asked him if he would take the hat off, explaining a university should be a safe space. It was impossible to communicate to him why wearing a hat in support of a movement grown on the seeds of racism, bigotry and exclusion of diversity (sexual and cultural) could make some people afraid. People came out of the woodwork around us to support the hat, and after insulting me, they began filming my “crazy” behaviour at asking him to not wear the hat on campus. The video was posted and I made the mistake of reading the comments. I am so deeply saddened… I don’t want to draw anymore attention to the dysfunctional pawns that are being used by a system of power to oppress others. I do want to state that I stand by my belief that every space, but especially university spaces, should be made to make everyone feel SAFE. We need to seriously change our culture. We need to equally support and express movements and gestures of inclusive acceptance. I walked outside after the altercation, which ended up involving security and more concern for someone’s “private property” then about anti-oppression and overt racism, feeling totally hopeless. Only to find the anti-abortion group posing with their graphic images and slogans of “sin”. But… Beside them was a group of courageous and beautiful humans, holding signs of “we support your choice” and kindly warning oncoming students about the graphic images so they could be avoided. (Thank you Aalayna Spence, Nathan Lawley and crew.) It makes me cry that there will always be battles of “right” and “wrong”… There will always be opposing parties… Unfortunately for many people life does not exist without fear of oppression, violence or attack. But there are some warriors, who are not too tired. Some humans who want anyone being attacked (be it blatant or subtle) to know they are equally being a supported. I’m ready to make some noise YYC. I’m ready for some LOUD AF language of LOVE. That is the only thing that might have a chance of helping the world. So be a warrior and express your support for those who are attacked everyday because of who they are. #peace

She seems to be a walking contradiction. She wants everyone to “be a warrior and express your support for those who are attacked everyday because of who they are.” But that’s exactly what she did to the Trump supporter student. She attacked him, because of who he was. And not only that, she attacked him based on stereotypes created by the media of Trump and his supporters.

The incident was caught on camera:


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