Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok Sets Up GoFundMe Account Seeking $150G

Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok sets up an anti-Trump Twitter account and GoFundMe page only seeking $150G.

Peter Strzok is a crook that betrayed his country and the American people. Why in the world would anyone give him $150,000? I am willing to bet most that do actually do donate will be Liberals.

To regain their lost reputation the FBI should investigate Peter Strzok and indict him for all his illegal behavior while in the FBI.

Fox News:

Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok took his anti-Trump rhetoric public on Monday, setting up a defiant Twitter account and a GoFundMe page seeking to raise $150,000 to cover his “legal costs and lost income.”

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Strzok, who played a lead role in both the Russian meddling and Hillary Clinton email probes but became a political lightning rod after the revelation of text messages critical of Trump, wasted no time blasting the administration and House Republicans in his new social media account.

“Deeply saddened by this decision,” Strzok wrote in the tweet. “It has been an honor to serve my country and work with the fine men and women of the FBI.”

He attached an image of a statement from his attorneys that criticized his firing, saying “the FBI and the American people deserve better.” The letter specifically lambasted the decision of the deputy director of the FBI to effectively overrule the FBI’s internal disciplinary body, which had recommended Strzok be suspended and demoted instead of terminated.

The Twitter account indicated that it had been established at some point in August, but it has “liked” several incendiary posts dating back more than a month. More

Strzok’s arrogance knows no bounds…

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