Stories Liberals Don’t Want You to Hear

Liberals are the biggest censors.

Conservatives are often portrayed as suppressors of contrary opinions.

The facts do not support this claim.

Try to teach a view contrary to the religions of evolution and climate change. To question any part of evolution allows a “divine foot in the door,” and this cannot be allowed by the materialists.

Here’s the latest from President Obama on “climate change”:

How do reputable scientists who have scientific and factual doubts about “climate change” claims go public with their views when the president of the United States considers them to be crazy? So the legitimate deniers keep quiet, thus, skewing the numbers of those who oppose the supposed majority opinion.

Try opposing the food Nazis:

In 1977, “a Senate committee led by George McGovern published its landmark ‘Dietary Goals for the United States,’ urging Americans to eat less high-fat red meat, eggs and dairy and replace them with more calories from fruits, vegetables and especially carbohydrates.

“By 1980 that wisdom was codified. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued its first dietary guidelines, and one of the primary directives was to avoid cholesterol and fat. . . .”

Now we are learning that the learned foodsters were wrong, but it’s taken decades, and with their diet “wisdom” they’ve helped to create one of the most obese nations on earth.

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