Store Owner Doesn’t Waste Sympathy on Criminals

He seems to realize that those who waste sympathy on criminals encourage criminality.

When store employees beat down a gun-waving robber, the store owner didn’t waste sympathy on the wounded criminal but praised his workers. He also warned others who would rob his place of business that they would receive the same treatment or worse.

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Fox 8 NOLA reports, “Clerks tackle, smack down and subdue robbery suspect.

Around 9:45 p.m. Monday evening a man with a gun walked into the Big Easy Gas Station and demanded money from the clerks.

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The clerks started to hand over wads of cash, while the would-be thief tried to shove the money in his pocket.

At one point, the suspect dropped money on the ground and tried to pick it up. That’s when a clerk grabbed the suspect and wrestled him to the ground, while two other clerks began to beat him before taking the gun away.

Police arrested Chris Wallace, 34, charging him with aggravated robbery. The gun used was stolen.

The owner of the store said the fact that the suspect walked in with a gun and rolled out on a stretcher should send a message to anyone else who wants to put lives in danger.

This is socially constructive behavior! I’ve seen many victims who express sympathy for the perpetrators. Consider this story, in which a woman robbed at gunpoint by people who broke into her home at night said “she feels sorry for the robbers.”

I want potential criminals to know they will face consequences, not gain sympathy!

Read the entire Fox 8 story.

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