How Do We Stop “Lone Wolf” Islamic Terrorists? With the 2nd Amendment!

Judge Andrew Napolitano was a guest on Fox and Friends Thursday morning. He was there to talk about the terrorist acts in Canada from the previous two days and to offer his opinion on how these types of attacks could be stopped. The Judge (who is our favorite Fox News personality) responded that he thought the best deterrent to these type of “Lone Wolf” attacks was an “armed citizenry.”

He’s 100% correct…


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“It’s one guy getting out of a car and starting to shoot. What is the best deterrent to that? An armed citizenry. People able to protect themselves. We have a Second Amendment in this country. They do not have the equivalent of that in Canada,” said the Judge.

“That is insane. For a cop or a soldier to carry a gun that doesn’t work? … He was a sitting duck,” Napolitano said, speaking of the soldier who was carrying a ceremonial (and inoperative) gun.

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