Stop, Drop, and Watch: Demi Moore Makes Out with Teen Boy

Well this is a shocker…

Actress Demi Moore can be seen in the video below, quite passionately making out with a boy who was only hours into being 15-years-old at the time. It is an old video that resurfaced as many sexual harassment allegations have come to light in Hollywood and Washington over the past several weeks.

The video will likely make you cringe, because I know I sure did.

Moore, who was 19-years-old at the time was sticking her tongue down the throat of actor Philip Tanzini, whom she worked with from General Hospital.

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They’re reallyyyyyy digging into the past, aren’t they?

Daily Wire reports: 

According to The Daily Mail, the video was shot in 1982 and first posted to YouTube in 2012, unsurprisingly racking up millions of views. Piling on to the disturbing make-out sessions, Moore boasts of her love for Tanzini throughout the video. The young boy can even be seen shrugging off the aggressive actress at one point, feeding her some of his food when she appears to be leaning in for another kiss.

You can hear Moore say, “I love Phillip and he’s the only one I love,” as she drunkenly continues,  “I love him dearly, he’s one of my most favorite people … He’s truly terrific and I really love him.”

“Do your interview, already,” Tanzini joked.

“Alright,” Moore says, and then continues on to say that she will marry Tanzini one day, even though she was already married to Freddy Moore.

“We’re gonna get married by the way,” Tanzini adds, and Moore lovingly says, “Ah, I can’t wait.”

See for yourself:

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