Stock Market Votes for Trump Again!

By hitting another high point, the stock market votes for confidence in Donald Trump.

The reason we can say the stock market votes is that it measures investor confidence. It doesn’t measure our actual financial prospects, but it does measure whether people are optimistic or pessimistic about the economy. And despite everything the mainstream media have said to make people think we are on the edge of political turmoil, the stock market is still handing out the Trump era a vote of confidence.

Joe Hoft posts at the Gateway Pundit, “TRUMP Records His 23rd New Stock Market High – Market Up 17% Since Election.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded its 23rd all-time high of 2017 yesterday closing at 21,532.  There have been a total of 120 days where the markets have closed since President Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.  The ‘DOW’ has closed at all-time highs 23 of those days for nearly 20% or one-fifth of the days the market has been open.  The market is up 9% since the inauguration. 

Hoft points out many other things, including that Barack Obama’s administration didn’t cause as high a jump in the stock market.

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Read the entire Gateway Pundit post.

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