Steve Deace on Political ‘Adulting’

Just last week, Deace to his message of healthy conversation to CNN, sadly the leftist guests were not incd to have a civil dialogue.

If you haven’t been trapped under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed how ugly and partisan politics in America has become.

It’s become a point of contention even among conservatives who can’t seem to agree on the right path to take when it comes to political disagreements.

Some conservatives agree with the Trump school of thought that says, ‘fight back on whatever level you’re attackers confront you on.’ Sometimes this means saying things you might normally find unpleasant, distasteful, or even out of bounds. Other conservatives say, ‘we should never stoop to their level.’ Sometimes this means refusing to respond to “low-blow” attacks, and other times it means taking the high road when the left takes the low road.

Conservative radio host Steve Deace has been preaching patience and a return to civility in the American political game, and he recently took to Facebook to encourage the media to help people step back from the precipice of hatred.

From Steve Deace’s Facebook Page:

Some thoughts on political adulting…

If a president is a “fascist” or “literally Hitler” you don’t get to freely say so without reprisal. Literal Hitler doesn’t put up with literal dissent.

The one being assaulted for his political beliefs isn’t the fascist. The one assaulting him is.

If you want people to believe you when a president makes a mistake (tariffs/taxes, bad cabinet pick, signing bad budget deals, etc.), it’s probably best not to have falsely told folks they were going to die as a result of good decisions he’s made.

If you want people to give up trash like InfoWars, stop peddling Fake News in the mainstream, which drives people to such alternative peddlers.

Don’t always assume someone disagrees with you because they’re a bigot of some kind.

Try talking to people you disagree with like they’re actual people every now and then.

Just last week, Deace took his message of healthy conversation to CNN, sadly the leftist guests were not inclined to have a civil dialogue.

Instead of taking the bait and responding to ugliness with ugliness, Deace took the high road and walked away.

Deace later explained that CNN host Carol Costello had reached out to him to apologize, and that he’d also learned more about leftist bomb-thrower Dean Obeidallah:

I’ve learned more about Dean Obeidallah since yesterday’s appearance on HLN, when he accused believers of striving to turn America into a “Christian Saudi Arabia.” Which is ironic, because many folks like Dean are for open borders, and importing Saudi Arabia here, but that’s a topic for another day.

The Right Scoop says he identifies as Muslim, which for obvious reasons means using “Sharia” as a putdown is ironic (there’s that word again) in the least. One of the writers at The Federalist noted his pro-Hamas opinions of the past.

Now, Dean is not an irrelevant figure. He has a substantially larger Twitter following than I do, for example, and Sirius/XM is one of the biggest radio markets in the country. I just don’t consume a lot of media, even though I work in it, because to be blunt I don’t think a lot of media is worthy of consuming. Or, at the very least, consuming a lot of it doesn’t contribute to living a well-adjusted life away from work.

This morning, Dean tweeted the following to me: “Will you denounce any attempts to impose US laws based on the Bible? That is what Christian sharia is. I will be reading your response or lack of one on my radio show. Look forward to your response. thx”

Here was my reply: “Dean, radical Islam says kill people to earn a false god’s favor. Radical Christianity says the one, true God freely gave up His life for yours so you can have His favor, which you don’t deserve. I will pray for God to open the eyes of your heart to know the difference.”

I did say a prayer for Dean this morning, and ask those of you who believe in prayer to do the same and for others so spiritually blinded as Dean is.

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