Steve Bannon Reconsiders His Support of Roy Moore?

If the media is right and Steve Bannon reconsiders endorsing Roy Moore for Senate, what will Alabama voters do?

If Steve Bannon reconsiders Roy Moore, he’s got to be worried that he doesn’t know enough about the candidate to be sure the charges are not true. And while he may have suspicions (and hopes) that these allegations are false, that is not the same as having confidence of his innocence. And Bannon knows that some supporters of Moore are basing their decision on the assumption that he endorses Moore and is confident that charges aren’t true.

Also, there is this from Sean Hannity:

The Daily Beast reports, “Steve Bannon and Allies Have Second Thoughts About Roy Moore, Sources Say.

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But over the past few days, Bannon has begun privately taking the temperature of those in his inner circle to see what they think of the Moore allegations and to get their sense of how to proceed, according to four knowledgeable sources. Late last week, the Breitbart chairman said, “I will put him in a grave myself,” if he determines that Moore was lying to him about the numerous accusations, a source close to Bannon relayed.

Bannon emphasized, to both friends and colleagues, that he’s uncomfortable with the charges of sexual harassment and child molestation that have been levelled at Moore. But he wasn’t convinced that the initial flood of on-record testimony, starting with the first Washington Post story last week, was anything more than a hit job.

Read the entire Daily Beast story.

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