Steve Bannon: ‘I Don’t Have Time for the Bush Family’

Former White House Chief Strategist and Breitbart News Executive Steve Bannon says that he has “no time for them,” when it comes to the Bush family. He claims that they are the perfect example of the “permanent political class.”

“When old man Bush, between grabbing women in the Oval Office (yeh I went there) when he says that he voted for Hillary Clinton,” he said while speaking at the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Palm Beach Florida, “and when Bush 43 — the most destructive president and the most destructive presidency in the history of our country, including James Buchanan, when he says he didn’t vote, he voted some write-in, or he didn’t vote for President Trump, that’s all you got to know about those guys.”

Bannon added, “If they can’t see the basic fundamental difference between what the regime of the Clintons would be versus what President Trump offered, then I’ve got no time for them.”

Breitbart reports: 

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He said their inability to make a distinction between Trump and Clinton shows how they are fundamentally entwined with the permanent political class.

Bannon went on to explain how their attitude is an example of what the economic nationalist movement is fighting against, and how that is also represented in the tax bill currently working its way through Congress.

“At the end of the day, Bush goes around with Bill Clinton and says he’s the son he never had … because the permanent political class is inextricably linked with themselves and you see it with this current tax bill,” he continued, “The donor, corporatist, lobbyist, consultant apparatus that runs Washington D.C.”

Bush 41 has been under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks. Bannon’s remarks were a nod to mounting allegations that he has groped multiple women, both during his presidency and afterward.

A woman came forward this week to allege that Bush groped her in 1992 – when he was still president – at a Michigan fundraiser during a photo opportunity. It brings the number of accusers to at least half a dozen.

What do you think about the Bush family?


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