Stephen Colbert Says he’d Interview Trump, But Only in a ‘Respectful’ Way [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert – host of The Late Show – was recently interviewed by Face the Nation host John Dickerson.

Say what you will of Stephen Colbert (everyone knows he’s no fan of Trump), but I find him to be one of the more personable and respectful late show hosts. In person anyway. As someone who’s seen only clips here and there of Colbert’s shows, I can’t speak to his on-air persona. But I do know that his persona is only an act. He is, after all, a comedian.

In person, when he’s allowed to be himself, he’s kind, down to earth, and funny.

Much of what he said in his interview with Dickerson I agreed with. He has a distaste for party politics, which he compares to sports teams.

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“Dividing into teams is great – if your team wins,” Colbert told Dickers. “But if your team loses, it allows you to do two things: (a) question why you lost, and (b) why did you choose to be on a team? Because the team itself is an illusion.”

He said that he came to that realization after his show’s election special. He, like many others, were downcast following the election.

He also added that “political divisiveness is a vice.”

But it seems, unlike many others, he’s comes to terms with Trump’s win. In fact, when he was asked by Dickerson if he’d interview Trump, Colbert said that he would, but it would have to be done in a respectful way, which he acknowledges would upset his liberal viewers. “I don’t think it would be fun for me or profitable for him in any way or the audience if I couldn’t do it in a respectful way,” he said.

The lengthy interview was broken up into seven parts. Following is the first installment. The others will be posted everyday during this week.


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