Stand with Kurdistan, Stand with Israel

America is facing a major obstacle in the Middle East. ISIS has grown to encompass most of Iraq and Syria. Not only that, but Russia has also been trying to expand its influence in the region.

ISIS is our most dangerous threat in the Middle East. They have been rounding up Christians and systematically beheading them, much like the Holocaust in World War 2. So far, America has done very little to help our ally in Iraq and Kurdistan. We have sent 300 military “advisors” A.K.A. special force soldiers to Iraq and we have launched a small airstrike campaign as well as aid to stranded people. America is not the only one helping the Iraqis though. Several weeks ago, Russia Today reported that Russia is delivering Su-25 Frogfoot “fighter” jets (in reality these aircraft are attack planes, much like the American A-10 Warthog) to Iraq in hopes to turn the tide in Iraq’s favor.

kurd usa2What are the Russians trying to accomplish? They are trying to increase Russian influence so they can find more economic partners to help minimize the damage felt from the loss of Ukraine (an issue I have a favorable view of Russia on), and to get American influence out of the Middle East. RT has been broadcasting the horrific actions of ISIS in the Middle East, while also trashing the Obama administration for inaction. Russia has followed talk with action, and it will most likely succeed.

ISIS has already become a powerful fighting force. How have they done this? They first saw battle during the Syrian Civil War. Then they invaded Iraq and took over a large portion of the country after Iraqi forces fled. The brave Kurdish fighters have fled their battle stations, which is a very rare occurrence because ISIS has American equipment. The Kurds are highly skilled soldiers; they also have an incredible fighting spirit, one that rivals that of the American patriots. Back in the Second Gulf War, there is a story of a Kurdish fighter that was fighting alongside the American Green Berets- with a cane. He would hobble along the battlefield and then shoot at the terrorists. Why am I telling you that story? I am telling you how significant it is that the Kurds fled their battle stations without firing a single shot.

It seems Vladimir Putin and the rest of Russia are more than willing to help the Iraqis fight ISIS, and America needs to strike now and strike deep to prevent Russian influence growing in the region. Russia has already shown support for Iran and Bashar al-Asad. What will happen to Israel if Iraq falls under Russian influence? Or worse yet, what if ISIS takes over Syria AND Iraq? We can only hope this is a situation that will never come to be.

Stand with Kurdistan. Stand with Iraq. Stand with Israel.

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