Stand Against Israel? Then You’ve Sided with Evil

Over the last few weeks (and months) I’ve had many conversations with good people who believe that Israel is the bad guy in the current conflict with Hamas. Thankfully, I’ve also been encouraged in conversation by many who understand the evil that is Hamas and its supporters. I don’t believe the average Palestinian on the street is any more evil than the rest of us, but Hamas was legally elected by the Palestinian people… and I believe that anyone who agrees with and supports Hamas is actively participating in evil.

S.E. Cupp explains part of my rationale pretty well.

The basic idea is that Hamas (and those who agree with Hamas, believe that Israel has no right to exist and that the Jewish people themselves are literally undeserving of life. Listen to the rhetoric. Listen to the way they speak about the Jewish people when they are gathered together in political and religious rallies. They are not anti-semitic for being opposed to the state of Israel… they are anti-Semites for hating Jews simply for being Jews.

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Perhaps, you understand this from a rational perspective. Maybe you’ve seen the reports and you simply believe that Israel has been too aggressive in their actions, or too unfair in their political treatment of the Palestinian people.

Then you need to see this… maybe this will help you better understand the position Israel is in when they try to negotiate peace with Hamas.

Host: “If she decides to blow herself up in Israel, in order to battle and kill Jews, like me, will you be proud of her?

Father: “And someone who kills Palestinians what do you think of him?”

Host: “If you lose your cute daughter whom you love because she decides she wants to blow herself up, you will be happy?”

Father: “I will support her and help her do it.”


Woman in the Street: “We will never recognize Israel.”

Tell me this:

How do you negotiate when the average man on the street in the nation you are fighting thinks this way? We’re not talking about the “extremist,” we’re talking about the everyman.

Hamas is evil. Their supporters are evil. Because their entire political reality is based on racism. Maybe your opposition to Israel isn’t… but when you stand with Hamas, you’ve just yoked yourself to racism so pervasive it believes the only answer to the Jewish Question… is another Holocaust.

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