St. Louis Police Trample Old Lady?

Video catches when police trample a woman by stepping over and helping her up.

When police trample a helpless, elderly woman in sensational media headlines, make sure you read the full story. Why? Because the media writers don’t really want to be exposed as liars. They want to grab the readers’ attention but they do feel an obligation (usually) to change the message somewhere in the body of the story.

For example, the New York Post reports, “St. Louis cops trample, arrest woman at protest.” The story is about an arrest that was made while assailants were stoning police.

Thirty-two people were arrested and 10 cops were hurt in the fracas, police said.

Amid Friday’s tense marches, the elderly woman, wearing a red top and white pants, appeared to try to stand her ground and yell at a group of officers when she was knocked over by the cops armed with pepper spray in an incident captured by a Fox TV affiliate’s news helicopter.

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The woman “failed to obey officers’ orders,” and was charged with “interfering,” St. Louis police said on Twitter Saturday.

Charlie Brennan, a St. Louis radio host, backed the police account.

He wrote on Twitter: “She was telling others to stand behind her ‘because the police won’t bother an old lady.’”

Indeed, she was. Here’s the video evidence:

Read the entire New York Post story.

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