St. Louis Businesses Threatened for Supporting Police

A local business owner claims she and other St. Louis businesses have been harassed for supporting “pigs.”

In areas in the city, there are effectively two governments that St. Louis businesses must show loyalty. There’s the official government that the businesses must pay taxes to and submit to its regulations. But there’s a shadow government as well, a kind of “Black Lives Matter” regime that they must also respect. Any show of support and approval of local law enforcement will provoke threats from this government. And the first government, despite collecting the taxes, can’t seem to do much to protect them.

“My friends, my business are all being targeted,” said the owner of a antique store.

Posted by KMOV on Saturday, February 17, 2018

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KMOV 4 reports, “Business owner threatened, harassed after flying flag supporting police.

She’s formed relationships with the police that patrol the area and wanted to offer her support by displaying an American flag with a thin blue line in front of her store.

However, the flag wasn’t accepted by everyone in the area.

“People came by, they would cuss at you, harass you,” she said, “They would harass the customers.”

She eventually took the flag down to avoid any more confrontations.

“I thought things were getting better,” said Elder, “but apparently it’s not.”

A month later she found a handwritten letter posted on the front window of her shop that read:

“Pig supporters not welcome.  Flag goes down or you go down.”

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