Southwest Airlines to Do the Unthinkable: Provide Live In-Flight Music

Southwest Airlines is doing something new and daring….something most of us would like to opt out of: providing live concerts on their flights.

I don’t know what kind of nightmare operations they are running, but their creative department may need a makeover. I don’t know about you but when I am on a flight, I am either listening to music with my eyes closed, or sleeping with headphones in and my eyes closed. The first usually leads to the next.

In other words, I like to keep to myself and I like to relax. I would honestly pay more money to fly another flight to avoid a concert while I am trying to take a siesta.

I could be wrong. When I think of live music on a flight, I suddenly have an image of a mariachi band at a Mexican restaurant. However, the airline released a video showing their new plan, in which the band NeedToBreathe was the one played.

I actually like their music, but there’s no guarantee that everyone does. Somewhere along the way, I think there will be someone who is unhappy about their disturbed rest.

The concept of pop-up concerts on their flights is not a new thing. However, the company believes that if they make it more common, then it will take off. I suppose we will see how that goes!

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