North Carolina Middle School Apologizes for ‘F**k Kavanaugh’ Sign

Last week a local writer in Raleigh saw a school message board outside the school bearing the message “Fuck Kavanaugh.”

Last week a local writer in Raleigh saw a school message board outside the school bearing the message “Fuck Kavanaugh.” But when she posted about the sign, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spokesman proclaimed the accusation to be “fake news.” However, now the school is apologizing for the offensive sign.

The foul message was first posted about by A.P. Dillon, a conservative blogger based in the Raleigh area, who posted a story to her blog on Monday.

“Over the weekend, the sign in front of the South Charlotte Middle School bore the message “F*ck Kavanaugh. CMS Spokesperson called it ‘Fake news,’ but they were in for a surprise,” Dillon wrote.

Dillon posted about the sign to Twitter asking if the school system condoned the sign.

Not long afterward, a Twitter account for the school system called Dillon’s post “fake news.”

But Dillon countered noting that someone must have taken the words down before officials saw it and insisted that the photo was real, not faked. Still, Dillon’s photo was not the only photo and her account was not the only account that the words had appeared on the school’s sign.

“Another person named Brendan Bailey had also taken their own photo of the sign,” Dillon reported.

Eventually the school admitted that the words actually did appear on the school’s sign. But they claimed that the glass casing had been left unlocked and that someone — perhaps a student — had rearranged the lettering to relay the obscene message.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

Tuesday morning Russ confirmed: The message was real. Someone apparently altered the school’s sign, which Russ said had another message on it and should have been locked, to reflect dissatisfaction with Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“We thought it had been fake. It turns out it was real,” Russ said.

Russ said the principal learned of the message and removed it “pretty quickly.” Russ said CMS is checking security cameras to see if the culprit was recorded, but as of Tuesday morning he said the district doesn’t know how the sign was altered or who did it.

“CMS messaging guidelines, Board policies and codes of conduct forbid use of profanities in any communications. CMS is investigating this matter with law enforcement,” he said in a statement sent Tuesday morning.

In the end, one has to wonder if the glass case really was left unlocked for some wag to leave the offensive message or if a school employee left the message. We will probably never know for sure.

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