South Carolina Governor Unmasks Obama the Divider

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) recently attended a Governor’s breakfast where the President had the opportunity to speak. Of course, the President spoke glowingly about the state executives, buttering them up with slaps on the back for their knowledge of “getting things done.”

But when the rubber met the road and the Governors told the President what they needed from him, it was “No Dice.”

Here’s what Governor Haley learned from president Obama at the breakfast –


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In our meetings with the President, he said he wanted to work with the governors bc we “get things done”. True but when we asked about our problems with illegal immigration he said he’s not sending 11 mill people back and offered us no help. When it came to the Keystone pipeline his response was “never gonna happen”. When it came to healthcare and the Supreme Court ruling and we asked for flexibility in establishing market based healthcare he said “you should start a state exchange”. It takes two sides Mr. President to work together.


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