South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Speaks Out, Through Tears, on the Charleston Shooting

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley spoke out on Thursday about the horrible shooting in Charleston on Wednesday night. She spoke passionately about her state and the people who live there and through tears she discussed the heartbreak felt by so many South Carolinians. It was a short message but full of compassion, pain and hope – hope that healing would come soon and that South Carolina would be stronger because of the shared tragedy.


“We all woke up today… and the heart and soul of South Carolina was broken. And so we have some grieving to do, and we’ve got some pain we have to go through. Parents are having to explain to the their kids that they have to go to church and feel safe and that’s not something that we ever thought we’d would have to deal with.

Having said that, we are a strong the and faithful state. We love our state, we love our county, and most importantly we love each other.

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And I will tell you there is a lot of prayer in this state. And so you are going to see all of us try and lift these nine families up in prayer, because they need us. These nine families need us, the Emmanuel AME church needs us, the AME church family need us, and the people of South Carolina needs us to come together and be strong for what has happened.”



On CNN South Carolina state senator Marlon Kimpson spoke eloquently of his colleague and friend Clementa Pinckney, calling him “a giant legend” and “the moral compass of the state senate.”



Well, he was a giant legend. He was the moral compass of the state senate. 

When we would have difficult times and would be at an impasse discussing major pieces of legislation, it was Senator Pinckney who brought a sense of calmness to the body, so that we could collectively negotiate towards a successful end.

We are currently ligating the budget, so both the house and the senate was in session. But before the meeting ended, he indicated to me that he had a very important church meeting to attend in Charleston.

So I was aware he was at a meeting in Charleston, which is about two hours away from the State capitol, and not in Columbia at the time of the shooting.

When I learned around 9:30 from… the chair of the county council, I immediately called Senator Pinckney but there was no answer.

When I eventually made it over to the victims’ assistance center at the Embassy Suites, I did have a brief conversation with his wife and his two daughters. And we are asking the nation for prayer for the city of Charleston and for all the victims of this horrific tragedy.

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