Soros-Funded Black Lives Matter DA Now Reigns in Philadelphia

Larry Krasner ran as the Black Lives Matter DA and the police, understandably, aren’t happy.

Basically, Philadelphia has a Black Lives Matter DA. He is also a Trump resistor who promises to actively obstruct, or at least refuse to cooperate with, immigration enforcement. Larry Krasner has thus caused a great deal of anxiety and anger among the police.

So if you think Philadelphia’s main problem is abusive police, you’ve got a champion. But if you think crime is already too high, and law enforcement is too politicized, you have a great deal to fear. One might agree with Krasner on abolishing asset forfeiture (I do), but that isn’t enough for anyone hoping that the government will protect people from crime.

The Star reports, “He sued the Philadelphia police 75 times. Now he’s the chief prosecutor.

Black Philadelphians’ discontent with local justice and local policing was a bigger factor than discontent with the president. But Trump loomed large.

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In addition to pledging specific justice reforms, Krasner’s platform included an explicit promise to “resist the Trump administration.” In Krasner, despondent progressives found someone they could believe in.

“In light of the pain of Trump’s presidency, particularly the pain felt in American cities and urban centres, people feel compelled to counterbalance that in a way that’s been something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in my lifetime,” said Shaun King, a journalist for The Intercept who is affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement. “People are now being very clear on the progressive principles and ideals that they stand for.”

Krasner was backed by a diverse constellation of local and national progressive groups. He received more than $1.5 million from liberal billionaire George Soros. He also received more than 100 foot soldiers from grassroots group Reclaim Philadelphia.

Reclaim was founded last year by veterans of Sanders’s primary campaign who decided to turn their post-election attention to local problems. They became the strategists and labour behind a pro-Krasner door-knocking force that targeted black neighbourhoods.

Naturally, the police are upset.

The Inquirer reports, “Philly police officers on Facebook: Krasner is #notmyDA.

On Facebook, some police officers have made clear where they stand on the matter.

Officer Marc Marchetti, who changed his profile photo to Krasner’s on Wednesday, began a conversation in which friends used the hashtag #notmyDA and described Krasner in profane terms.

As for Marchetti, he wrote, “He doesn’t give me my arrest powers so [I] don’t care. No blood on my hands when he lets the s–bags out.”

Another officer, Bob Condart, responded with an image of the logo of the District Attorney’s Office flipped upside-down, a move that is considered a symbol of distress.

Also on the page, Officer John Graziano called Krasner a “creepo scumbag.” And Officer Steve Mancuso wrote: “He’s got that look on his face you just wanna wipe off with a bitch slap.” (Mancuso has been accused of such rough handling, in a “violent takedown” of an Eagles fan during a game; the case was settled out of court.)

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