Socialist Swedes Complain That it Takes Months or Years to Get Their World-Class Healthcare

Everyone says Sweden has the best healthcare in the world, but Swedes say it sometimes takes moths or even years for the government to get around to letting them have it. It is just another strike against socialized healthcare.

With Democrats constantly pointing to Europe — especially places like Sweden – to tell us that socialist healthcare works perfectly well, we get a different story from the people actually living under the very system of which the Democrats are enamored.

The story comes from the AFP news wire service:

Sweden has the fifth-highest life expectancy in Europe and cancer survival rates are among the continent’s highest, according to 2017 OECD figures.

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But Swedes are frustrated over their universal healthcare, one of the main pillars of their cherished welfare state, with long waiting queues due to a shortage of nurses and available doctors in some areas.

“Swedes have little confidence that politicians will solve this,” said Lisa Pelling, chief analyst at progressive think tank Arena Ide.

“There is a risk their faith in the welfare state will be eroded,” she told AFP.

Swedes, who on average pay more than half of their income in tax, see access to healthcare as the most important issue in the September 9 general election, polls suggest.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven’s Social Democrats, the largest party, are on course for a record low score, after losing voters disgruntled over rising immigration putting a strain on the welfare system to the far-right Sweden Democrats.

Sweden’s healthcare system is their main benefit for the exorbitant taxes they pay. But they sometimes spend months or years waiting for it.

“One dental patient in central Dalarna county told AFP six months passed before his check-up, while emergency room queues at Stockholm’s largest hospitals average four hours.,” AFP said.

Six months! Can you put up with a toothache for six months while waiting for your government to allow you to go see a dentist?

This is what happens when government takes over health care, folks.

Is that what you want, America?

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