Socialist Hollywood Elitist Michael Moore is a BIG FAT Hypocrite

Michael Moore’s divorce has been finalized. As a result of the divorce proceedings, his financial records have become public knowledge. “According to the Detroit News, anti-capitalism ‘everyman’ filmmaker Michael Moore owns 9 homes. On top of a $2 million, 10,000 square foot lakefront mansion in Torch Lake, Michigan, there is a Manhattan condo that was once 3 condos, and 7 other properties.”

I know, it’s not nice to call people names. I got the title for my article from Al Franken’s book, Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot. Since those on the Left side of the political divide did not object to the “big fat” description of an icon of the Right, I reasoned that they shouldn’t be upset about me applying it to Michael Moore, especially since Franken is a sitting United States Senator.

Why is Moore a hypocrite? He claims to be with the so-called 99-percenters when he is a one-percenter. Truth be told, he’s closer to a tenth-of-a-percenter. He’s worth millions. His film Fahrenheit 9/11 cost $6 million. Where did he get the money? If it came out of his pocket, then he’s a millionaire. If the money came out of someone else’s pocket, then he’s friends with a bunch of one-percenters. Either way, this makes him a hypocrite.

Get this. According to Box Office MojoFahrenheit 9/11 raked in $222,446,882 (domestic and foreign). Bowling for Columbine, with a cost of $4 million, brought in $58 million. Sicko was not far behind with $36 million, followed by Capitalism: A Love Story at $17 million. That’s more than $333 million. This doesn’t count his speaking fees, personal appearance fees, and book royalties. puts the wealth of Moore and his wife Kathy Glynn at $50 million.

Now we learn that Moore is something of a house horse…

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