Socialism for Dummies (This Means You, Millennials)

Dear Millennials,

Socialism sucks! Point blank. Go make something of yourself, and stop walking around with your hands open!

I know that you may have have heard utopian stories from people like Bernie Sanders, who preach that college and healthcare can be free, if we simply overtax the rich.

See, there is a problem with that though….because, eventually, you run out of other people’s money. Then what happens? We are all poor at that point, so who is there to tax?

 >Insert Venezuelan living conditions <

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Here is a simple scenario that even the simplest, dumbest minds can understand:

You’re playing monopoly with friends. After every trip around the board, you pass go and collect $200. Right?

Well, imagine that during this game, you play as socialists.

Now, if you’re the leader, you must give one piece of property to the player with the least amount of property, every time you pass GO.

Same goes with houses, hotels, etc. Now, instead of collecting $200, you pay an income tax of 35%, which is to be split among the other players.

Before long, no one is buying properties, houses, or hotels because….what’s the point? Everyone quits trying and simply start waiting for their handout that comes when someone else passes GO.

Eventually, everyone is equally poor. Is that really what millennials want? They would rather evade a sense of pride by earning their own money, because they are “too good” or “too lazy” to wear work boots and get their hands dirty?

Go make something of yourself, and stop walking around with your hands open!

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