Socialism Created the Corrupt Clintons

The rise of Donald Trump during this presidential election has caught many liberals in America by surprise. Exposure of the corruption and illegal behaviour within the Democrat establishment has caught many conservatives by surprise as well. For everyday Americans who have been alarmed at the direction of the country for a very long time, however, both of these have been welcome developments.  

A growing number of people in America are realizing that our country is facing a convergence of catastrophes. A sense of crisis is mounting. The establishment media tells us relentlessly that our main problems are climate change, Third World poverty, refugee flows, gender and racial inequality and the growing wealth of the rich. The solution for all of these problems, according to our government and their media mouthpieces, is to grant government even more power.

These are not our real problems. Our real problem is that our civilization is collapsing under the weight of socialism.

There was a time in America when individuals, families and towns took care of their own. When hardship or misfortune struck, Americans took responsibility for managing it themselves. Families and communities were stronger as a result. Americans then were more charitable, and would never have considered looking to government for help or blaming others for their circumstances. Such a society strengthens faith, promotes virtue and penalizes vice. In America that society is long gone.

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The conservative movement has been entirely unsuccessful at retaining that self-sufficient America of days gone by. By fighting defensively, it has failed miserably. This is why the strategy of conservatism must be abandoned in favor of a more aggressive, assertive strategy of the right.

What defines the right is that it stands for the preservation of civilization and the maintenance of the moral order that enables it. What defines the left is that it stands for the destruction of the right. By knowing what they are against, the left has been much more successful than us for far too long. WikiLeaks, Project Veritas and the FBI investigation have revealed to everyone now the true nature of the left in this country. These are the people who are betraying America.

We need a right with teeth that can speak truths about race, gender, class and culture without being afraid of meaningless labels such as ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ or ‘Islamophobe’. We need to call out liberal hypocrisy when it comes to minority welfare dependence and their divisive tactics of identity politics. We need to argue boldly that the leftist establishment which has controlled America for decades is morally bankrupt. The country is ours to take back if we have the confidence and the guts to do so.

The leaked emails and speeches which Americans have found out about reveals that the liberal elite consider themselves above the law that applies to everyday Americans. This is not at all government as it was envisioned by the founders of America. Something has gone very wrong for the United States of America to have developed such a toxic and immoral political culture. What has gone wrong is the relentless advance of socialism in America.

The assertion that America is today a socialist country would take many by surprise. It should not. Despite the values of everyday Americans being for liberty, personal responsibility and freedom of thought, these are not the values of the liberal establishment which rules the nation. Like civilizations such as ancient Rome before us, we have allowed the Leviathan state to grow at such a rate that it is now destroying its host.

Socialist thinking now infects every aspect of American life, most particularly in education. The Reagan administration may well have brought down the Marxist Evil Empire in Russia, but while they did so the same intellectual seeds of envy, resentment and group hatred which had decimated Europe and Asia had taken root in the classrooms and lecture halls of America. The Western version of Marxism focuses less on economics and class and more on identity and culture, giving us such hateful and twisted philosophies as feminism, black studies, post-colonialism and critical theory. It is no less deadly to its host society, however.

Marxist philosophy always serves to create and magnify social conflict between groups to then enable greater government intrusion into the lives of everyday citizens. It’s a strategy for totalitarian control. The massive expansion of taxation and government debt which has funded welfare programs in America and military adventurism abroad have been the result of this century-long expansion of government.

The advance of socialism in Western countries over the last few decades has led to an explosion in public and private debt. Central banks have both enabled and encouraged this mountain of debt through the scandalous suppression of interest rates over the last ten years.

Western countries are now in the final stage of a debt supernova. It is only a matter of time before that supernova collapses upon itself into a financial black hole. The financial Ponzi scheme of the Western socialist welfare state will be revealed as a utopian dream when it becomes a dystopian nightmare.

The dark financial clouds on the horizon in the West are being accompanied by a popular revolt against the corruption of a greedy and reckless political class in America. This rebellion against the political status quo will only gain traction as further information about the Clintons comes to light. Even if Trump loses the upcoming presidential election, his and Bernie Sanders’ supporters will not go back to quietly voting red and blue. The revolutionary cat is out of the bag, no matter who wins. This is our chance to take back America.

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