Snoop Dogg Simulates Trump Assassination: ‘Make America Crip Again’

Once again, Snoop Dogg, or as he likes to be called now, Snoop Lion made another mockery portraying the assassination of President Donal Trump.

The first time, he portrayed the president as a clown, and proceeded to take a fake gun to his head. Snoop pulled the trigger as if to shoot the fake Trump in the head, and out popped a sign that said, “bang.”

This time, Snoop posted a photo to Instagram that looks as if he came for the dead body of the president. It shows him next to a dead body, draped with an American flag, and a tag on the toe labeled, “Trump.”

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The title of the album, according to the photo, is “Make America Crip Again.” Crips are an African American gang out of Los Angeles, identified by blue colored cloth worn by their member.

The album cover looks exactly like Ice Cube’s 1991 cover for “Death Certificate.”

It’s obvious that Snoop does not care about backlash for his disrespectful, threatening lyrics and videos. According to him, he is putting out these pieces because “nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f****** clown as a president.”

Perhaps he should step back and realize that the real clowns here are people like him and Eminem.

Here is the music video in which he mockingly kills the president, dressed as a clown:

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