SNL Destroys Dr. Ben Carson but Barely Touches Scandal-Ridden Hillary Clinton

In four separate instances this past Saturday night, the folks at Saturday Night Live (SNL) absolutely demolished Dr. Ben Carson for his recent comments on homosexuality and prison. The comedians at SNL also took a pot shot at Hillary Clinton, but when weighed against each other… it wasn’t even close.

The scandal plagued Clinton got off with a light, and obviously affectionate slap on the wrist in comparison to Dr. Carson.

One has to wonder if SNL is racist – focusing such direct negative attention at the man, while letting the Caucasian Hillary Clinton off so lightly smacks of racial prejudice.

(Wow. It sucks to get called racist like that, right? I’m not serious, but I thought it would be a great place to make liberals get a sense of what it feels like to be called racist.)

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Here is a comparison from SNL – you tell us who they hit harder, the law breaking, money grubbing and immoral Hillary Clinton (who has been accepting money from foreign powers while planning to be President and broke many regulations and possibly laws by hiding her emails) or Dr. Ben Carson who said something dumb about prison sex?

First Clinton:



Now Carson:



Fair or not?

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