Sneak Peek at House Democrat’s Un-American Agenda Including Killing Gun Rights and the First Amendment

With the Democrats taking control of Congress we will see a long list of destructive actions emerge from Washington that will turn the city into the swamp it was built upon.

Elections have consequences, America, and with the Democrats taking control of Congress we will see a long list of destructive actions emerge from Washington that will turn the city back into the swamp it was built upon.

A recent article by Investor’s Business Daily gives us a sneak peek at the un-American agenda the Democrats are gearing up to push on the nation in 2019.

For instance, the Democrats will seek to put an end to both freedom of speech and our rights to self protection by seeking to limit the First and Second Amendments.

And that isn’t even to mention the hundreds of nuisance “investigations” that they intend to launch to destroy the Trump administration.

According to IBD, the Democrats intend to launch a full effort to repeal the First Amendment by stealth:

According to news accounts, H.R. 1 would, among other things, establish automatic voter registration and “reinvigorate” the Voting Rights Act. In other words, make it harder to root out voter fraud. It will also push public financing of congressional campaigns, with a 6-to-1 government match on small dollar donations.

How many voters knew that’s what Democrats had planned?

Those are bad enough. But the plan would also call for amending the Constitution to restrict free speech rights under the guise of campaign finance reform.

IBD added, “Sen. Ted Cruz had it right when he called this idea an assault on free speech. He said ‘it gives Congress power to regulate — and ban — speech by everybody.'”

The party also intends to gut the Second Amendment.

Gun control was not a big issue in the midterm campaign, despite promises by gun control advocates to make it a centerpiece of the elections in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. The issue “evaporated during the final weeks of the election in all but very safe liberal districts,” noted Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner.

“But now that the Democrats have won the House,” Bedard notes, “leaders feel emboldened to raise calls for expanded background checks and an assault weapon ban.”

Axios jumped in, too, to reveal that the Democrats plan at least 85 investigations into the Trump administration.

“House Democrats plan to probe every aspect of President Trump’s life and work, from family business dealings, the Space Force and his tax returns to possible ‘leverage’ by Russia, top Democrats tell us,” Axios reported this week.

Finally, Democrats will push for impeachment of the president, as well.

In other words, Democrats plan an all out war against the country next year. So, I hope the nation is ready for this mess about to descend on us all.

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