Snarky Biden Takes Swipe At Hillary, Hints at 2020 Run

While we are still 3 years removed from the next election cycle, thankfully, that hasn’t stopped a number of possible candidates from priming the pump.

Building on the novelty of non-politicians such as Donald Trump seeking the highest office in the land, former professional wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has begun to speak about a possible run for the Oval Office.  Hillary Clinton is presumably, and regrettably, possibly in the mix, as well as socialist democrat Bernie Sanders.

One name that may surprise us, however, is Joe Biden.  The former Vice President under Barack Obama had previously considered running against Hillary Clinton until the tragic death of his son caused him to reconsider.  Biden, who hinted at a possible 2020 run this week during a speaking engagement, also made a not-so-subtle swipe at the corrupt Clinton.

“If there was much doubt that Joe Biden has thoughts about running for president in 2020, that can be put to rest; he came out and said what he must have felt about Hillary Clinton during the entire 2016 presidential campaign: ‘I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate.’

“Biden made that statement at the SALT hedge fund conference in Las Vegas, though he mitigated the effect somewhat by saying, ‘Hillary would have been a really good president.’

 “Biden was asked if he will run in 2020, prompting him to reply, ‘Could I? Yes. Would I? Probably not.’ Yet he added, ‘I may very well do it … At this point, no one in my family or I have made the judgment to run.’

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“That does sound like a man with his eye on the presidency.”

Given the early successes of Donald Trump, despite massive anti-conservative sentiment fermenting among the left’s New Fascist movement, we could likely see an enormous field of candidates from the democrats come 2020.  Clinton, who surely hasn’t learned her lesson, will be an enticing motive for many sitting on the fence to throw their hat in the ring.  Her abysmal showing during the 2016 election, and her rampant corruption, will make her an easy target for democrats looking to leapfrog the former First Lady into the candidacy.


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