Smells like BS! Faker McCain “Explains” Photos of Boot on Wrong Foot

Senator John McCain has racked up many nicknames over the years, including “RINO,” “Songbird,” “traitor,” and now “faker.”

You may have seen the photos swirling the internet of McCain wearing his leg boot on his  left foot, when his right foot is allegedly the one that is injured.

On Thursday he attempted to “clarify” that the reason the boot was on the wrong foot was to give his right foot a “break.”

That sounds like a big load of BS if you ask me! I have never trusted McCain.

The Hill reports: 

McCain caused confusion when he posted a photo from his daughter Meghan’s wedding in which his walking boot was on his left foot. He had previously been seen wearing it on his right foot after he suffered a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon.

Of course there are many rumors swirling around with the photos. One of the most popular ones being that he is attempting to hide an ankle monitor, and that the monitor must have switched ankles.

McCain tweeted out after he saw the storm he was about to face and said, “Thank you for your support & best wishes. My left leg was doing extra work to compensate for the boot, so I’m giving it a break. I still hate wearing this boot, but it won’t slow us down from frying 7 turkeys today!”


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