Slavery Alive and Well in Qatar our “Friend” and Ally

Last week HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel did an expose uncovering the fraud, corruption and scandal associated with the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar’s success at hosting the next World Cup of Soccer.

The corruption at FIFA surrounding Qatar’s winning bid may be a story for the sports world, but there was a much more important story to be told. The HBO investigation quickly moved past the corruption and scandal of FIFA officials accepting bribes, kickbacks and other various morally questionable activities, to a crime against humanity being perpetrated by the people of Qatar.

Yesterday we brought you the story of the suffering of slaves in Saudi Arabia, today the scene shifts to Qatar. Where the migrant worker population outnumbers the Qatari population by more than 5-1. Sadly, these “migrant workers” are in actuality slaves to the people of Qatar.

First a little background from RT about the injustice going on in Qatar as they prepare for the 2018 World Cup.


In the next clip, reporter David Scott speaks to the family of a worker who was not allowed to leave Qatar to return home, then died tragically in a bus accident. If these “migrant workers” are not allowed to come and go as they please, but only by the permission of their employer, then in reality they are slaves. Paid a small amount perhaps, but if you cannot quit — if you cannot leave — if your future is in the hands of your employer. You are a slave.



In this clip Bryant Gumbel goes into a bit more depth with David Scott about the horrible living conditions faced by the “slaves of Qatar,” and about what may happen in the future.



This is a violent crime against humanity that Qatar is perpetrating against the poor from other Asian nations.

Qatar Nepal Composite -We in the West (particularly at FIFA and the United Nations) should be decrying the treatment of these poor migrant workers and shaming Qatar into treating these PEOPLE with dignity and humanity. What Qatar is doing is simply a form of modern slavery, or indentured servitude. These workers have no free will, live in deplorable conditions, and are treated with less respect than animals.

The fault lies with Qatar and the religion that allows them to treat other humans this way, Islam. As we have pointed out in other surrounding Islamic nations, slavery is part of what Islam is. As long as Islam exists there will be slavery on our planet. There are more slaves in the world today than on any day before throughout human history. A large part of the reason for that is the growth and spread of Islam throughout North Africa and Asia.

We must stand against it.

We must demand an end to slavery as a precursor to any dealings we have with any nation.

We cannot maintain friendly alliances with nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others if they remain unwilling to deal with their human rights abuses.

Slavery is technically illegal throughout the world, even in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and yet their governments allow this calumny against humanity to continue.

We must fight to free these poor men and women. We must demand their freedom.

If we don’t speak out, who will?


In case your interested, here is the clip from Real Sports dealing with the soccer side of Qatar’s (and FIFA’s) malfeasance.


Call your representatives today and ask Congress to speak out or take action against Qatar (and Saudi Arabia) for their various and sundry human rights abuses.

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