Slaughter in Paris and the Movies

In the movie Casablanca Rick told Ilsa that, “We’ll always have Paris.” This was before Obama withdrew from Iraq and created the vacuum, Isis.


Now we’ll never have Paris again without the image of carnage wiped by Isis across it like a stain on a postcard. One hundred and twenty-nine people killed by barbaric Muslims who feel that they were for some remote reason insulted.


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What insult could cause them to shoot adolescents in the head while dancing? Justification is unjustified.


In the beginning was the word.  In Obama’s first term Obama swallowed American principles and practiced surrender and bowing to other nations.


The word “weakness” was there but his jolly Democrat acolytes weren’t listening.


His rhetoric was as grandiose as Isis’s delusions of power and flamboyant decapitations. He doesn’t understand vengeance.  He only practices surrender and actionless verbiage.


The French are known for their weakness. But even Hollande called this an act of war. Will Obama call it “workplace violence” because “Eagles of Death Metal” were performing their heavy metal?


You can’t carry a gun in Paris.  Unless you’re a terrorist.  Ask Trump, who is sounding sane compared to Obama’s wicked self-surrender.


The Muslims are the Nazis in Casablanca.  Obama is Captain Renault looking the other way and avoiding responsibility.

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