Slate Columnist: Trump is Going to Turn U.S. into a ‘Racist Police State’ [VIDEO]

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Slate columnist Michelle Goldberg were discussing how uncomfortable Trump’s post-election rallies make them feel. In particular, they found his “menacing” statements troubling.

According to Goldberg, examples of Trump’s “menacing” statements include “they’re on our side, they just don’t know it yet” and “you’re going to like what we have in store.” Real menacing, huh?

Hayes asked her if these statements were menacing because of the words, or because Trump is the one who said them? She admitted that it’s because they came from Trump’s mouth. As an aside, she stated that Trump would turn this country into a ‘racist police state,’ which another guest claimed was ‘what he ran on.’ Here’s how their exchange went:

Chris Hayes: I have a sort of instinctual aversion to the mode of the Trump rally –particularly after he won. It feels like, it feels not that far from “Rallies For The Leader,” which don’t have a great history in politics across the world. 

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Michelle Goldberg: The whole posture is one of kind of both rallying the people who voted for him, and also kind of menacing and threatening the majority who didn’t — with these kind of menacing asides. “They’re on our side, they just don’t know it yet.” “You’re going to like what we have in store.” 

It is — I don’t think I am reading too much into this. 

Hayes: That’s the question, right? Like, in the words of Barack Obama: Are you saying that is menacing because of the words, or because it is coming from the mouth of Donald Trump?

Goldberg: Because it is coming from the mouth of Donald Trump – who is going to turn our country into a racist police state. 

Christina Greer, Fordham University: Well, that is what he ran on, and here we are.

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