Slain Officer’s Widow Gives Birth to Their Daughter Two Years Later

I bet you clicked not this article with the same thought I had when I initially saw the report: “What? Two years later? That must not be his child!”

However, thanks to modern science, Sanny Liu was able to give birth to a baby girl, whose father is Liu’s slain husband, Detective First Grade WenJian Liu.

Detective Liu’s parents, Wei Tang Liu and Xiu Yan Li, also gathered at Weill Cornell Hospital to celebrate the birth of their granddaughter.

Lui and her late husband had always planned to start their family one day. However, Dectective Liu was tragically killed in the line of duty on December 20, 2014. That night, she requested that some of her husband’s sperm be saved and preserved. This was her only hope of still bringing a child into this world with the DNA of the man she loved.

The night after Detective Liu passed away, she had a dream, in which he handed her a baby girl.

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“I got pregnant through the [in-vitro fertilization] procedure,” said Sanny, “and I told my friend, ‘It’s going to be a baby girl.’ My friend said, ‘No, you haven’t even checked the sonograms,’ but I was right!”

Sure enough, Sanny was right, and her dreams were answered. Now, Detective Liu’s legacy can live on through his daughter. And as far as Detective Liu’s legacy goes, Sanny can’t wait to tell Angelina that her father was a hero. She is also eager to introduce her daughter to the New York City Police Department that she lovingly refers to as her “big blue family.”

It is remarkable to see such a wonderful miracle was sprouted in the midsts of what was meant for bad.

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