Sinema Doubles Down & Doesn’t Regret Her Taliban Remark

In a 2003 radio interview, just two years after the 9-11 attacks Kyrsten Sinema said “I don’t care” if Americans want to go fight for the Taliban.

Please, Arizonans get to the voting booth for Martha McSally on Nov. 6th.

Are Democrats openly running traitors for office now? She’s a terrorist sympathizer. Fits right in with the anti-American liberals. She’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

Daily Wire:

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On Sunday, as she made the rounds at the Litchfield Park arts festival in Litchfield Park, Arizona, Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic candidate for the Senate seat being vacated by GOP Senator Jeff Flake, was asked twice whether she regretted her controversial comments from 2003 when she told a radio host she didn’t care if Americans fought for the Taliban. Not only did Sinema refuse to say she regretted the comment, but she also implied that she is against the war American soldiers are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying it is “misguided.”

Vaughn Hillyard of NBC News caught up with Sinema at the arts festival and stated, “Martha McSally has asked you to apologize for what she said was treasonous comments about somebody being able to go and fight for the Taliban. Do you regret that statement at that time?

Sinema dodged, “You know, Martha crossed the line with those comments and that’s the choice she’s made in her campaign, to run a campaign that’s based on —“

Hillyard: “But do you regret that statement, though, at all?”

Sinema balked at any regret over her 2003 comments, then took a shot at the war Americans are currently fighting: “Well, it was an offhand comment during that interview about a war that I believed was misguided and still believe is misguided. What Martha has chosen to do is run a very negative campaign based on false attacks and smears and lies. And that’s her choice; but I think Arizonans are choosing the person that they believe shares their values and they believe will stand up for them.” More

A democrat that hates America, geez, what a surprise! Kyrsten Sinema is pro-Taliban and Martha McSally is the first woman to fly combat missions to take out the Taliban. I hope Arizona is not as crazy as Sinema and will vote for a real patriot McSally.

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