Silly Wisconsin Students Cry That University Ice Cream Is Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are accusing the school of “raaacism” because the school’s ice cream isn’t “inclusive” enough.

In another example of the left’s outrage machine gone mad, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are accusing the school of “raaacism” because the school’s ice cream isn’t “inclusive” enough.

You read that right. The ice cream isn’t inclusive enough.

Eight members of the school’s Associated Students of Madison recently introduced a resolution declaring that Babcock ice cream, which uses beef gelatin as an ingredient, discriminates against the school’s Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and vegetarian communities.

I guess these fools never thought that maybe those minorities maybe should just not eat the “offensive” ice cream?

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According to Campus Reform:

The legislation, titled “Ice Cream for All,” is already has eight sponsors, including the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary of the Associated Students of Madison Student Council. The ASM student council is comparable to a student government senate. The “Ice Cream for All” legislation will be voted on next Wednesday.

The ASM Student Council can only recommend changes to the university administration. Nothing that the ASM Student Council passes is, in fact, a definitive change.

The legislation states that the Babcock Ice Cream is an important tradition at UW-M, and “it would be a gross act of discrimination to continue to deprive some minority students” from eating the ice cream because of their religious beliefs. Sponsors of the legislation also added that issues like this play a part in the marginalization of students.

“Symbolic issues like these have always and will always play a critical role in whether marginalized students and people feel welcome, included, and connected to their community,” reads the legislation.

Of course, reality makes the joke of these distempered students and their silly outrage.

Scott Rankin, chair of the food science department, reports that the cafeteria offers a line of ice cream that doesn’t have the beef gelatin as one of its ingredients. So, the whole exercise in outrage is based on a lie.

The students, though, insist that the university is a big ‘ol meanie to minority student by “having the official campus ice cream not be inclusive to religious students on campus.”

Of course, this is all nonsense. Just another example of how our universities are risible places where fools attend.

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