Silicon Valley Big Brother Is Wrong on Gender

In the wake of the Google thoughtcrime purge, a psychiatrist pleads for an end to the Silicon Valley Big Brother.

Most of this piece is on science, not the political threat represented by Silicon Valley Big Brother culture where discontents are excommunicated. In light of the Google anti-diversity manifesto, Psychiatrist Scott Alexander does a lengthy review of the (shoddy?) science behind claiming gender differences don’t amount to much. For that reason alone it is well worth reading. His argument that gender discrepancies in engineering are due to preferences rather than discrimination is compelling.

But at the end he takes aim at the Silicon Valley Big Bother culture that is in control of Google:

It doesn’t have to be this way. Nobody has any real policy disagreements. Everyone can just agree that men and women are equal, that they both have the same rights, that nobody should face harassment or discrimination. We can relax the Permanent State Of Emergency around too few women in tech, and admit that women have the right to go into whatever field they want, and that if they want to go off and be 80% of veterinarians and 74% of forensic scientists, those careers seem good too. We can appreciate the contributions of existing women in tech, make sure the door is open for any new ones who want to join, and start treating each other as human beings again. Your co-worker could just be your co-worker, not a potential Nazi to be assaulted or a potential Stalinist who’s going to rat on you. Your project manager could just be your project manager, not the person tasked with monitoring you for signs of thoughtcrime. Your female co-worker could just be your female co-worker, not a Badass Grrl Coder Who Overcomes Adversity. Your male co-worker could just be your male co-worker, not a Tool Of The Patriarchy Who Denies His Complicity In Oppression. I promise there are industries like this. Medicine is like this! Loads of things are like this! Lots of tech companies are even still like this! This could be you.

Why is this important? This tweet explains why:

Silicon Valley Big Brother is a “private” beta test for eventual political dominance. That’s why, while I don’t agree with Judge Napolitano’s legal analysis below, I think it is far more serious.

Read the entire piece.

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