Here’s 5 Signs You’re In The Midst Of A Mass Hysteria

Mass panic and mass hysteria need mass communication to spread. At one time it was confined to a village or town. Now it can be worldwide within minutes. The MSM fuels mass hysteria to drive their ratings up.

1. Due Process Goes Out The Window.

2. “Believe The Victim.”

3. Misleading And Faulty Statistics

4. Evidence, Schmevidence.

5. Pseudo-Scientific Theories About Memory Reign Supreme.

Daily Wire:

Moral panics, or instances of mass hysteria, have occurred throughout history. Two of the most notorious are the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690s and the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and 90s. The panics almost exclusively involve women and children and fears for their safety, especially from sexual abuse.

We are in the midst of another such panic, but despite the similarities to past episodes, we are still unable to recognize it as such. The current panic has been playing out in the military and on college campuses for nearly a decade, but with the advent of the #MeToo movement, the mass hysteria is creeping into our regular legal system as well. The following are five of the biggest signs that we are experiencing another bout of mass hysteria, this time over sexual assault and harassment.

Due process is the cornerstone of our legal system, but in times of mass hysteria, it becomes the enemy. In Salem, those accused of witchcraft were presumed guilty and, in many cases, denied counsel. The only evidence presented against them was an accusation.

This was similarly the case during the Satanic Panic several decades ago. The only evidence presented against the accused were allegations from children, who alternated between plausible claims of sexual abuse (which lacked even limited physical evidence) to fanciful claims of Satanic ritual killings. Children who attended the Little Rascals day care in Edenton, North Carolina, for example, made accusations that they were taken out to the ocean and thrown overboard for sharks. Children at the McMartin Preschool claimed to travel to outer space in a hot-air balloon. These allegations, of course, were ignored while the accusations of sexual abuse were pursued.

Those accused at this time were considered “guilty until proven innocent.” Suggesting that evidence be weighed, or due process be followed was met with scorn from those who insisted the accused were guilty. In his lengthy article for the New Yorker, Lawrence Wright followed a case of alleged sexual abuse and satanic ritual in Thurston County, Washington. The Under-Sheriff for the county, Neil McClanahan, said: “Our survivors are very traumatized. To question their credibility would cause them to be re-traumatized. They’re so fragile.” More

To sum it up the entire democratic party and everyone who leans to the left is ill from TDS and is in a panic mode. The rest of us have had it with them.

Civility is only a good if both sides adhere to it. The Left abandoned civility long ago when they started calling everyone racists, nazis, homophobes, xenophobe, deplorable, etc.

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