Sickening! Reporter Makes Disgusting Joke about WWII Heroes

Our lives today are a direct result of the American soldiers who fought in World War II. Without them, the Nazis would have continued to spread and their disgusting idea of a “perfect society” would have wiped out many more people.

Those American veterans are heroes and should be treated as such. Their deaths should not be mocked and joked about. Especially not by a reporter with a public forum!

Unfortunately that is exactly what happened. Indiana new reporter Dan Carden responded to a tweet by Eric Holcomb that said, “I was awestruck to hear the stories and meet the survivors of the #USSIndianapolis at their 72nd reunion.”

Carden said, “It has got to be a coincidence that they do this during Shark Week, right? Right?

The reason this is so disgusting is because the USS Indianapolis sunk by a Japanese sub in 1945. Unfortunately, there was an estimated 150 sailors on board to have been killed by shark attacks when the boat sank.
Todd Starns reports:

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One of my astute readers sent me a copy of Carden’s post.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it,” the reader told me. “Mr. Carden made a punchline of these surviving heroes who risked their lives for so many. These heroes deserve our admiration and respect, not heckling.”

I reached out to Carden through his Twitter account – to find out if he’d been hacked or if in fact he made a lame attempt at a joke.

Instead of responding to my inquiry — he blocked me.

Todd then posted an update stating that Carden unblocked him and said, “Not making fun of anybody. Tremendous respect. Just noticed the coincidence; wondered if it was intentional. Sorry if you were offended.”

…..because that is so believable. Must have been a coincidence, right? Right?

It was a disgusting joke at the expense of men who fought for our country and completely unacceptable.

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