Sick of Congress Trying to Undermine the 2nd Amendment? Sign the Petition!

Are you tired of Liberals and lawmakers trying to undermine our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms? Then do something about it!

We must get ahead of this storm because it is bearing down on us in full force!

If you disagree with implementing more gun laws, sign the petition now

They preach that we need more and more gun control every single time there is some sort of mass shooting, even though the mass shootings are nearly always a crazed Democrat. The gun used by Stephen Paddock in the Las Vegas massacre on Sunday was already an illegal gun! Further more going to show that gun control does not work.

Criminals DO NOT OBEY THE LAW! They will still have guns, even if they are illegal.

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As Sean Davis explains at the Federalist automatic weapons (or machine guns) are already banned or almost unattainable under existing federal law.

Secondly, the concert was a “gun free zone.” All guns were already banned there.

Thirdly, Paddock would have had to have done a lot of work beforehand to prepare for this unspeakable act. There is nothing that Congress could do to stop someone as committed as Paddock was.

Finally, Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire explains that making policy on the heels of a terrible event is usually a bad idea.

Gun control laws remove guns from law abiding citizens, so that they can no longer defend themselves, and emboldens criminals, who won’t follow the laws anyway.

In other words, without guns, we are sitting ducks! Taking rights away from law-abiding citizens is not the solution!

If you agree, and want to have your voice heard, sign the petition to Congress! We WILL stand for what we believe in!


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