Should we Blame Everything on the President?



So what’s the difference whether you stand on your head or your head stands on you?

If my head were an onion I would cry.

I will cry me a river when I die.

That’s not logical.

It’s tautological as repetition is emphasis

Not definition.

You love me like a little devil, don’t you.

I love you like a monsoon.

I am all windy and wet in surrounding you with inside-out dementia.

Glad that I met you,

Glad that I stayed all of these years since you slammed the door

On my butt

And I was ready to leap out ahead of you into the traffic.

America was a great country when I was a teenager and could worry about

Relationships instead of political failures.

I don’t blame it on the President.

The blame is inherent in his ideological redundant blunders.

His mistakes are little magnets like warts on his face.

I miss the small gestures when you and I held hands on the bus.

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